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Germany is definitely amongst the favorites when it comes to migrating overseas to pursue career opportunities and building a dream life.Germany is a very diverse country with a long history of immigration. The Federal Republic has been an immigration society since the 60’s. Germany being one of the largest countries in Europe, provides the best job security and overall well-being of individuals with a great work/life balance. Here are several benefits that place Germany as a top country to work in:

  • One of the strongest Economies in Europe
  • Low employment rates
  • No communication gap (Germans often speak English too)
  • Excellent quality of life
  • High minimum wages offered to workers


JOBS in DEMAND : Some of the most demanding jobs in Germany include welders, nurses, carpenters, housekeepers, etc. 

PWG Group helps in bridging the gap between demand and supply by providing you these work opportunities so that you can establish your dream life in Germany.

We provide you with working opportunities across several industries in Germany, they are listed as follows:

Blue and Pink Collar JObs

You will be providing medical and day-to-day care for the elderly, ill, disabled, and other people who aren’t able to take care of themselves. You should be patient, attentive, concern, empathetical, able to carry out domestic tasks, knowledge of medicine, listening and communication skills, with a positive attitude.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 2000

As a nurse, you will be responsible for the treatments of patients who are sick and injured, as well as offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families, taking care of paperwork, helping doctors diagnose patients and follow-up care. To succeed in this role, you will need to be caring and compassionate, have the ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situation, people skills, stamina and be intuitive.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 2500

As a housekeeper, your mission is to ensure customers has nothing to complain about when it comes to surroundings. Sparkling bathrooms and clean public areas. You will need to be self discipline and fit. You will make sure all rooms are in good conditions, equipments used are in good conditions, being able to work quickly and efficiently.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 1800

As a factory worker, you will take part in at least one aspect of the manufacturing or production process. You may use machinery or perform manual task as part of the line. You will need good communication skills, to coordinate with the rest of the team and physical strength and stamina.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 1800

For this job role, you will participate in warehouse operation activities, storing materials, picking, packing and scanning orders. Help increase efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction in the organization. Be familiar with modern warehousing and practices, good organisational and time management skills, and ability to lift heavy objects.

Salary: EUR 1500

An individual who prepares meat for sale and/or for the production of meat-based products (e.g. cured meats and sausages). You will work with white meat from farm-raised animals.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 1800

You will prepare meals and follow establishment recipes. Duties include preparing ingredients, adhering to the restaurant menu, and following food health and safety procedures. Cook, clean, assist other cooks and staff and deliver food in a fast-paced environment. You should be able to multi-task, open to work different shifts, able to stand for long hours and work well as part of a team.

You are primarily responsible to keeping a kitchen clean as well as assisting in food preparations for example, preparing ingredients for the cook, making sure ingredients and supplies are well stocked and tidying up the kitchen after daily use.

Salary: EUR 1500 – 2500

As a grocery store keeper your duties will be to manage the everyday functions of the grocery department. You will act as the first point of contact and help customers with informations and support in buying their groceries. Oversee the movement of merchandises between store shelves and storage areas. You must have excellent customer service skills, be flexible, fast learner, attentive to details and numerical skills.
Salary: EUR 1500 – 1800

You will be responsible for reviewing specifications, laying out metal components, cutting, fabricating, and welding those pieces together to create tools and other metal parts. You should have welding experience and standard welding tools and techniques, interpret drawings and understand project scope.

Salary: EUR 2000 – 3000

Your job will include duties such as taking measurements, drawing up plans for proposed works, sourcing materials, preparing estimates and undertaking site visits. You must have experience using power tools such as drills, chisels etc, be creative and have design skills, cabinet making skills.

Salary: EUR 2000 – 3000

Vegetable packagers are responsible for cleaning, assembling vegetable in a proper way to avoid spoilage, weighing and labeling the vegetables appropriately. Basic shop skills, ability to follow instructions and strong communication skills.

Salary: EUR 1700 – 2200