Marylen Ramirez

I just wanted to thank PWG group for the excellent service and help while processing my applications. Everything went off without a hitch. It was great and extremely helpful team. 

I was truly blessed with great people to work with, not just coming to work in Poland but I got the chance to visit family members inside EU. It was a dream come true to me and my family. And it was because of prayer, trust and help of PWG group. 

All of the great help of PWG team was appreciated. God bless! 

Shienny Salo

I am Shienny Salo, I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks to PWG Group at the very young age, I’m already here in Poland and have a chance to forsee a future full of possibilty and excitement. It’s been an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. Thank you very much for making this dream come true, and for making it come true in such an affordable and easiest way.

For the future aspiring applicants, you just simply have to trust the process and understand that certain types of fear are really just excited feelings we often wrongly associate with bad outcomes. Be positive always! 


Hello I’m Chen, 29 years old and I’m here Poland. I would like to thank PWG for giving me the opportunities to make my dreams come true. I’m excited to learn and explore Poland and Europe in the Future.

Cathymae Montallana

Hi, I’m Cathymae Montallana,first i would like to thank God for His guidance throughout my application journey going to Poland. I am one the successful applicant of PWG and I arrived here in Poland last March 15,2021. All I can say is am blessed enough and thankful for PWG for their unending support and guidance to make my dream turn into reality. 

PWG, thank you so much for the new oppurtunity that you had given to me and for the once in a  lifetime experience living here in Poland! Godbless us all!

Dzien Dobry

Dzien Dobry! I am Jade, one of many successful applicant of PWG. I applied together with my cousin Shella and both of us successfully got our working permit and visa. Last May 12, 2021, we arrived here in Poland. Praise God, we did it. Thank you PWG for your support and assisting us all throughout our applications.


Hi,I am Shella. One of many successful applicants of PWG. I dreamed of coming to work and live in Poland and would love to explore Europe. Me and my cousin, Jade placed our applications together and we arrived in Poland last May 12,2021. Finally, all the wait has been paid of by God’s grace. PWG’s continued support even after the process has brought us her in Poland. Trusting PWG and a ton of patience is the key to our success story in our journey to Poland. Thank you PWG. 

Rosemarie Agapay

Hi, I’m Rosemarie who would like to share a wonderful testimony this 2020. This year is a really hard battle for me, I lost my 5 years job in Dubai. However, I’m one of the five-star applicants of PWG who got accepted here in Poland. I must say, Poland is very different from Dubai, especially its weather. Nonetheless, I’m very much grateful to PWG for giving me another great opportunity. I will work very hard here in Poland to be a good citizen.

Genevive Merino

Hi, I am Genevive, a five star applicant of PWG who arrived in Poland last Nov 15,2020. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the kind assistance from first until the end of the process… Thank you PWG

Adam Kothapalli

Hi,I am Adam 5star applicant of PWG who arrived in Poland last October 11,2020. Let me take this opportunity to thank PWG for getting the Poland visa for me,it was only possible because of your valuable help, support,guidance,perseverance, your problem solving ability & clearing our queries and doubts brought in transparency in the complete process. I am so happy that I choose a genuine, helpful solicitor that’s PWG for my Poland visa.. I would highly recommend people to choose PWG for a Poland visa because their whole team is really professional & transparent and trustworthy. Thank you once again PWG and his team for making my dreams come true . Thank you !!

Abigael Contaoi

Hi I’m Abigael, one of the successful  applicants of PWG I arrived here in Poland last November 15,2020. Since the day I applied for my Visa in PWG, their continued  support is the one thing I can always count on. They showed me their patience, guidance and motivated me wherever the situation arose. I’m so blessed and thankful that through PWG GROUP my long time dream came TRUE.

I’m not expecting that the process will go smoothly and fast. I highly recommend PWG Group to assist you in achieving your dreams of going to Europe. They will assist you until the end. Once again Thank you so and may God Bless you all.

Gerald Gatchalian

Hello, I’m Gerald Gatchalian, a PWG applicant that is finally safe here in Poland last November 15, 2020 and I am very grateful since day one we are greeted and assisted very well by the staff. Thank You so much PWG for the trust and help  achieving my goals! And to all who want to achieve their dreams don’t be afraid to try and wait, trust every process!

Suraj Nepali

Hi, I am Suraj Nepali 5star applicant of PWG who arrived in Poland last Nov 15, 2020. Let me take this opportunity to thank PWG for getting a Poland visa for me, I am so happy that I chose a genuine, helpful solicitor that’s PWG for my Poland visa. I would highly recommend people to choose PWG for a Poland visa because their whole team is professionals & transparent and trustworthy. Thank you once again PWG   for making my dreams true. Thank you!!

Luisa Garcia

Good day, I’m Luisa Garcia, an applicant from Hong Kong who arrived last November 16. I am thankful and blessed to be here in Poland, it means so much to me. Arriving here is one of a dream come true. I am genuinely thankful to PWG, since day 1, they are constantly great in assisting. They are professional & trustworthy. I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I am already here, Thank you again PWG.

Jesserie Passion​

Hello everyone, I’m Jessie Passion, successful applicant of PWG we arrived last Nov.15 at warsaw international Airport from Dubai UAE, I would like to take this opportunity to my heartfelt and sincere thanks to PWG. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective of available opportunities. 

Again thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciated the assistance you are provided to me and I am lucky to have you as my company:) 

Sincerely a letter from my heart has more power and God bless PWG:)

A formally dressed lady holding a file

Maffy Ceniza

First, I would like to thank God for the blessings and guidance throughout the journey that I have decided to get on. Next to my PWG employer who has always been there with me, I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity of working in this company as coordinator. Being a coordinator is not an easy task, because there’s a lot of duties that you need to be done. But my boss supports and motivates me through all the responsibilities that were assigned to me. It is such an innovative project that I’m dealing with daily, it’s an incredible work experience. I get to learn something new from everyday tasks, and I am looking forward to more years of work.


Sheila Echon

PWG helped me so much to achieve my goal – coming into Poland, and now, it is my pride and joy to be part of PWG and work as HR assistant. PWG had made my dream come true and made a better future for me and my family. Thank You so much!


Elena Montforte

 I am glad to be in Poland finally. From departure till arrival and to the point of our quarantine stay at the hotel, the PWG team was there to help. To the PWG team in Poland, thank you for all the help and support. It’s been a big adjustment for all of us since we came from the UAE, a country with a different culture and atmosphere, from weather to the facilities that we are familiar with in our daily lives. Poland is a beautiful place, we have a nice place to stay during the quarantine period.

Thank you once again to the team for opening doors of opportunity to work in Poland. I am looking forward to better opportunities, not just for myself but for the rest of my family.



Eva & Abigail

We will like to thank PWG Group team for making our dreams of moving to Europe come true. We can’t wait for our flight and to begin our new life in Poland.


March Princess Juanite

It was kind of very fast and I would like to thank PWG Group team for working tirelessly to ensure I got the visa and thanks to my colleague for referring me.


Sahil Vig

I applied for my visa 6 months ago, it’s a very smooth process, I’m really excited, I will recommend it to everyone and I thank PWG team


Youssef Atimen

Hi,I am  youssef 5star applicant of PWG who arrived in Poland last oct 16. 2020, let me take this opportunity to thank PWG for getting a Poland visa for me. 

 Thank you!!